Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Here at Guitar Lessons Worcester we are passionate about supporting local bands! With the likes of Dave Mason having hailed from Worcester, Mason being one of the greatest guitarists of his generation playing with the likes of Hendrix, Clapton and Micheal Jackson, we are eager to encourage the next guitar local great! To help young guitarists reach these dizzying hights of fame we have compiled a short list of the best recording studios local to Worcester to record your first EP in! So in no order...

The Session Music Studios is a fantastic rehearsal and recording studio located on Waterworks Road, Barbourne, WR1 3EZ just 10 minutes off the M5, Junction 6. The well furnished rooms boast first class recording and rehearsal equipment perfect for local bands and professionals alike! With the rehearsal rooms rentable for just £10 per hour for under 18s & £12.50 for bands it is certainly worth checking out! The Session Music Studios really is a top facility, with recording charged at £35 per hour for a full band - definiately worth enquiring if you are a local band!

Music Chamber is the perfect recording studio to produce a small scale demos to full scale albums of your music! Located at Unit 3, Ronkswood Hill, WR4 9ER Music Chamber specialises in recording voice and classical instruments but is well versed in recording acoustic demos of your band right through to the full set up! Gift recording packages can also be bought for the Music Chamber - £99 for one track, £170 for two or £380 for five tracks!

Vale Studios is hidden away in an amazing Georgian manor house on the outskirts of Pershore, Worcestershire! With two live rooms and a fully conditioned control room in three beautiful old manor house rooms this really is the way to record - even more astonsingly the prices are only £350 per studio day with accomodation provided as standard. The sound engineer is provided for the 10 hour recording day and the results are just first class! Well worth checking out if you are a professional musican or a local band looking for your first taste of a professional recording studio! Having worked with musicians from no less bands than AC/DC, The Editors, U2 and Stereophonics you really know that you are in expert hands at Vale Studios!

The Hatch Studio is a beautiful rural recording studio located out at Lindridge Tenbury Wells, WR15 8JT boasting state of the art recording equipment and a relaxed recording setting for just £200 for an 10 hour studio day - overnight accomodation for 6 band members included as standard! The exquisitely furnished studio is the perfect place for both local bands and professional musicians to record at alike! Check out their samples, extremely impressive sound quality and recording knowledge has gone into these tracks - something that you can really tell! One of Worcestershire's top recording studios!

Beginners Welcome

I teach a huge range of different musical genres and with the guitar music you learn being driven by the artists you like you can reassured that you are going to enjoy our guitar lessons! Over the years I have taught many beginner students helping them to achieve their goals on the guitar and would be more than happy to teach you too.

So if you are interested in learning guitar or just would like to find out more about our guitar lessons don't hesitate to give me an email or a call on 03455 086739.

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Niall has been teaching my 5 year old son to play the guitar and he really has come on in leaps & bounds. Niall is an extremely patient & friendly teacher who makes the lesson fun yet informative - Tina R