Music Venues in Worcester

Music Venues in Worcester

Worcester has a quality little music scene that we fully encourage our guitar students to get involved in! Here at Guitar Lessons Worcester we are passionate about supporting local bands and helping local musicians start their gigging careers! To help them along, as well as any Worcester music lovers we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best music venues our city has to offer! We even have our own festival which attracks some guitar Gods including Jon Gomm, make sure you check it out! Enjoy!

Marr's Bar is a well known local music venue that you should certainly get yourself to if you are interested in local up and coming bands! Locally famous for some hilarious incidences, do read the Jefree Star incident on the Marr's Bar website, the venue also attracks some internationally significant artists to our city! With the likes of Bowling for Soup, Phil Jupitus and The Yardbirds, among many others having rock audiences here it is a venue you should definatly be starting your gigging career at if you are a local band! Located at 12 Pierpoint Street, WR1 1TA I shall see you in the front row! Worcester's top music venue!

Worcester Music Festival is a yearly music festival that attracks over 11,000 avid music fans to watch 300+ artists in over 30 venues within Worcester! Best of all it is all completely free! Here at Guitar Lessons Worcester we really encourage our guitar students to attend a least one of their festival performances and are eager to see some of our students to create bands so they can perform at this years event! Enticing some of the worlds best guitarists, including Jon Gomm - a guitar player with over 2 million hits on youtube (check out his song Passionflower!) - the music festival is literally out of this world! Make sure you get involved & help support this amazing free event!

Huntingdon Hall has seen some very memerable gigs over the years and remains one of Worcester's premier music venues even though their has been a recent dip in the quality of band that the Hall has been able to attract! Perhaps catering  to the older rock market the venue regularly holds bootleg Queen, Beatles and Buddy Holly cover bands - however the venue, located at Crowngate, WR1 3LD, is quite capable of holding big gigs for your band if you are selling out smaller local venues! Worth talking to the management if you need somewhere with 400+ capacity!

The Keystone is another fantastic local music venue located at 1 Copenhagen Street, WR1 2HB that regually puts on local band nights! Hosting live music every Saturday it is a great place to start your gigging career and begin to build up a core of local fans!! It is well furnished venue too, perfect for Mumford & Son like bands to rock out your acoustic guitars! They have some great music on too, so get yourself down to the Keystone to check it out!

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