Guitar Shops in Worcester

Guitar Shops in Worcester

Here at Guitar Lessons Worcester we are often asked by our students which local guitar shops they should visit for all things guitar! Well, good news - Worcester has a range of fantastic guitar shops quite capable of supplying even the most advanced guitarists with equipment! To help you find the best guitar shop for you we have compiled a short list of what we consider to be the best guitar stores in Worcester! Enjoy...(in no order!)

Music 47 is a well known staple music shop for guitarists in Worcester! Opened well over 20 years ago now Music 47 has a great repulation for quailty prices and first class customer service. Located at 31 Sidbury, WR1 2HT, convientley close to the town centre the shop boasts a wide range of guitars and guitar equipment. Stocking almost all of the major brands, including Fender, PRS and Ibanez Music 47 will be able to cater to your daily guitar needs without a problem! Also great for beginner guitarists - first port of call in Worcester guitar shop wise!

Music City is Worcester's oldest and most established music store! Packed full of guitars and guitar equipment, as well as many other rock instruments, the store is well known for its excellent customer serivce and detailed musical knowledge. Boasts the best guitar makes around, Fender, PRS as well as Marshall amps, Music City is certainly a shop that can cater for even the most experienced of guitarists! It is a great place to head as well if you are looking to purchase your first guitar! Located at 52/53 Upper Tything, WR1 1JY it is a guitar shop well worth visiting!

Cranes Music located at 26 New Street, Worcester is more of a general music shop, specialising in pianos and keyboards. Although it does stock a few low end starter guitars, specifically Yamaha acoustic guitars and Yamaha Pacifica electrics the shop perhaps does not stock enough of a range to make it worth a visit. Good for sheet music though if you are in need of the none guitar notated versions of songs or just chord books!

Guitar Studio Worcester located on Evesham Road, Pershore, WR10 2Q is packed with some of the best guitars in the business. Boasting Gibsons, Rickenbackers and BC Rich guitars as well as guitar amps from Marshall, the shop is a must for all advanced guitarist located in Worcestershire. This Guitar Stop also has a fantastic repair and guitar modification service that is well worth checking out, you will be leaving you guitar in the safe and experienced hands of the shops first class staff! Top guitar store, get yourself down their to take a look!

Beginners Welcome

I teach a huge range of different musical genres and with the guitar music you learn being driven by the artists you like you can reassured that you are going to enjoy our guitar lessons! Over the years I have taught many beginner students helping them to achieve their goals on the guitar and would be more than happy to teach you too.

So if you are interested in learning guitar or just would like to find out more about our guitar lessons don't hesitate to give me an email or a call on 03455 086739.

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Niall has been teaching my 5 year old son to play the guitar and he really has come on in leaps & bounds. Niall is an extremely patient & friendly teacher who makes the lesson fun yet informative - Tina R