Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach children?

Yes, absolutely I teach students from the age of five upwards. Parents are more than welcome to sit in during our lessons, as well as join in if they wish!

Where are you based?

I teach many of my lessons from my home studio, located at WR5 3QL just off just off Tolladine Road. It is a great place to learn to play the guitar, with all the resources that we need for our guitar lessons. I also offer lessons held at student's homes - for more information about this please get in touch.

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Do you teach complete beginners?

Yes definately, indeed many of my students started as complete beginners and have developed into competent guitarists. This includes both adult and younger beginners.

Can I learn acoustic/electric guitar only?

Of course you can. I cover both acoustic and electric guitar styles, you can choose to do whichever takes your fancy - or even both!

Do you do gift vouchers?

I sure do, get in touch for more information!

Beginners Welcome

I teach a huge range of different musical genres and with the guitar music you learn being driven by the artists you like you can reassured that you are going to enjoy our guitar lessons! Over the years I have taught many beginner students helping them to achieve their goals on the guitar and would be more than happy to teach you too.

So if you are interested in learning guitar or just would like to find out more about our guitar lessons don't hesitate to give me an email or a call on 03455 086739.

Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Niall has been teaching my 5 year old son to play the guitar and he really has come on in leaps & bounds. Niall is an extremely patient & friendly teacher who makes the lesson fun yet informative - Tina R